Certified Measurements is an A2LA accredited metrology lab offering calibrations of electronics, mechanical, dimensional, force, mass, volume, pressure, temperature measuring instruments, and many more. We comply with stringent quality requirements, such as QS 9000, ISO 9000, and ISO 17025.

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Since 1981, we've provided traceable, in-house and on-site calibration and repair of electronic, dimensional, force, pressure, optical, time, frequency, temperature, and relative humidity measuring instruments.


Calibration and repair of Dimensional, Force/Mass, Pressure, Temperature, Optics Equipment, and more.


Calibration and repair of DC/LOW Frequency, Avionics Equipment, Microwave, Oscilloscopes, Time & Frequency Equipment, and more.


We are ISO 17025:2017 accredited for calibration by A2LA.

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Certified Measurements, Inc. is a full-service metrology laboratory offering traceable calibration and repair of electronic, dimensional, force, pressure, and temperature measuring instruments. Our quality system and documentation have been assessed by the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) and found to meet the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025:2017. The laboratory received initial A2LA accreditation for technical competence in the field of calibration in June of 2000.

Established in 1981, we have a long history of providing accurate calibrations in a timely manner at an affordable price.

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